Thursday, September 24, 2009

A night in Paris without the jetlag!


1920 Paris was the place most people wanted to be, especially people like Hemingway, Picasso, the Fitzgeralds, Gertrude Stein… need we go on? Kiki de Montparnasse was Man Ray’s mistress and model, and she knew how to throw a party! Daisy of Omaha meets them all in Postcards From Paris.

Music will shake the joint, Kiki’s film debuts in L├ęger and Man-Ray’s famous short films will play, and you’ll meet friends and supporters of Art & Film, and Francophiles from around the Bay Area.

Join us for great music, films, food, drink & company!

SF Art & Film for Teenagers has been making all the arts a vital part of young people’s lives since 1993 with a number of free programs – a Friday night Cine/Club, Art Saturdays to museums and galleries, and free tickets throughout the year to opera, symphony, theater and dance performances – serving 600+ students a year.

Since 1998 its Sunday Film Workshop has produced some of the finest prize-winning student films in the nation. Its films have shown in the festivals of San Francisco, Mill Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, London, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin & Athens among others. Students work with mentors who take them through the entire film process—from treatment to finished film.

SF Art & Film depends on support from the community and needs your help. We hope you will help encourage the cultural education of Bay Area youth by joining us at Vesuvio!